Through our partnership with two of the premier mobile application software providers, we are able to deliver you top tier applications coupled with an unparalleled design, project management, implementation and on-site support of Eventto.

  • Meetings from 50-2,000+ Attendees
  • Any size
    Custom branded events
  • Engaging your audience
  • Receiving instant Feedback
  • Real-Time Program Alerts


  • Design

    Based On Your Unique Needs

  • Full

    Project Management

  • Implemen- Tation

    And Roll-out

  • On-site


  • Real-time


  • Post Event


Features & Funcionalities

  • Agenda

    Generate a listing of scheduled sessions and events with detailed overviews and allow your attendees to customize their own personal event schedule based on available agenda items

  • Atendees

    Search or scroll through an attendee list to locate attendee details and contact them via messaging.

  • Speakers

    Showcase your speakers and inspire your audience with listings and in-depth profiles

  • Sponsors

    Generate revenue with sponsor listings that display sponsor logos, descriptions and contact information in a scrollable list.

  • Survey

    Survey your audience at an event or session using multiple choice or open text response methods.

  • Live Polling

    Poll your audience to encourage participation and generate instant feedback, then share the results in real-time.

  • Session Q&A

    Allow your audience to submit questions during a session that can then be prioritized and shared by the session organizer.

  • Gamification

    Engage and incentify your attendees in new and exciting ways through the use of individual and team games.

  • Photo Gallery

    Take photos of the event and share with others by simply uploading your photos directly to the application. Once your photo is approved by a moderator it will be displayed on the event photo gallery.

  • Documents

    Scroll through a list of general or session-specific documents and view them in a document viewer.

  • Live Message Board

    Share your thoughts with other event participants by reading and submitting short messages on an Board event micro blog feed.

  • Exhibitor & Trade Show Components

    View exhibitors to learn details on an exhibitor and create your own personal list of exhibitors that you want to connect with at the tradeshow.

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